1817/3 Bust Half VG8 PCGS, O-101, Cool Circulated Cameo

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1817/3 Bust Half VG8 PCGS, Cool Circulated Cameo. O-101, R.3+. Unattributed on the holder, but all 1817/3 halves are O-101 or O-101a. This piece shows a great deal of history, and the 1817/3 is undoubtedly one of the coolest overdates in the entire Bust half series, while many times more available than its ultra-rare sibling, the 1817/4. The 3 is clear beneath the 7 even in this well-circulated grade; interestingly, most examples of this date show extensive die lumps on both sides, which this piece lacks, seemingly an earlier die state, and perhaps more scarce as such. An arc-shaped die clash shows on the upper reverse. Some faint charcoal marks on the reverse are of little consequence but noted for completeness. Nonetheless, the “circulated cameo” appearance is much in evidence, and part of this coin’s great appeal and original appearance.

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