1831 Half Dime Blue Toner, V-3, LM-7, VF35 PCGS

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1831 Half Dime Blue Toner, V-3, LM-7, VF35 PCGS. So close to full XF quality, and with superior surfaces on both sides offering great target toning with sky-blue predominant. The V-3, LM-7 is a common (R.2) variety, making this a great type coin or a super representative for someone trying to complete a set of all seven LM varieties. For a mintage of 1.2 million coins, the Philadelphia Mint employed only five reverses and three obverses. The mintages in the preceding two years, 1829 and 1830, were virtually identical, and yet there are 18 die pairings known for 1829 and 14 for 1830. The Mint was clearly trying to conserve dies, reusing some from earlier years which resulted in some interesting die states and repolished dies reported as proof strikings (yet usually not the case).

Pickup Points for the Variety: Both 1s in the date are centered above dentils. The bases of the letters MERI touch, and M tilts left at the top, away from E. The second T in STATES is high above the E following.