1833 Half Cent, B-1, C-1, R.1, Lovely MS62BN PCGS

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1833 Half Cent, B-1, C-1, R.1, MS62BN PCGS. The half cents dated 1832 through 1835 are far more available than those dated in the 1840s, mostly proof strikes. The 1833 half cents are known only from this single die pair. Attractive deep brown and plum coloration lends appeal to this piece, although some stray marks on Liberty’s chin and minuscule verdigris (not visible without magnification) preclude a higher Mint State grade. Look closely at both sides, but especially the reverse, and you can see some neat “clash marks” where the dies came together without a blank planchet in between, producing images of the opposing dies on each.

Odd Denominations: The U.S. Mint in its 229-year career has produced numerous “odd denominations” that modern-day collectors may be unaware of until they reach a certain point in their numismatic knowledge. A profitable collecting experience could comprise one of each of these, including half cents, two cent pieces, three cent nickels, three cent silvers, silver half dimes, and twenty cent pieces. Only the most advanced collectors can continue that to include the three dollar gold and (especially) the four dollar gold coins or “stellas.”

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