1903 Liberty Head Twenty Dollar, Glowing MS65 PCGS GEM!



1903 Liberty Head Twenty Dollar, Glowing MS65 PCGS GEM! This was the nicest coin we bought on our recent trip to Knoxville, and we love Liberty Head twenties in high grade! However, we are also very picky about them. Most of them are the ubiquitous 1904 and 1904-S coins, of which many millions each were made—and most of them are “commercial grade” Uncirculated coins, not at all high-end. Not only is this 1903 a far better date with a moderate mintage of 287,000 pieces (versus nearly 12 million for the 1904 and 1904-S combined), but this piece is a glowing, top-shelf coin with super color and minimal signs of contact!

We are offering this Gem better-date Liberty Head for under 3 grand, and you can look at the recent PCGS prices realized–$3,995 (Legend-Morphy 9/2018, a similar-looking coin to ours, good color but more marks in the fields on both sides); $3,300 (David Lawrence 8/2018, a similar coin to ours in all ways, very nice); $2,640 (Heritage Auctions 7/2018, a yucky coin with lots of contact marks, copper spots, and die grease, really overgraded); and $5,760 (a coin similar to ours but in a PCGS OGH)–to realize what a STEAL this coin is at this price! (Honestly, I’m thinking about taking it down and putting it in the Box of Twenty.) Act now if you want it at this price.