1905 Grand Army of the Republic Large Copper Medal, Choice AU

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1905 Grand Army of the Republic Large Medal, Choice AU Uncertified. Copper, 70 mm, 4.6 oz., copper. Obv: Large pile of stones with Pike’s Peak engraved on the foremost stone, large building atop, steam engines pushing and pulling carriages up each side. Rev: Inside a laurel wreath in 10 lines, IN HONOR OF THE BRAVE MEN WHO VICTORIOUSLY DEFENDED THE UNION ON LAND AND SEA DURING THE WAR OF THE GREAT REBELLION 1861–1865. Around edge, 39th NATIONAL ENCAMPMENT G.A.R. DENVER SEPT. 1905. Light cabinet wear in the fields gives a bluish tinge to the “sky” above the peak and other areas in the fields. Still very attractive, lightly hairlined in a couple of places, and with impressive size and heft. (See quarter aside for comparison.)

Background: The first owner of the Pike’s Peak Railway had this medal struck for the 1905 encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic, an organization formed in 1866 that reached its peak membership in 1890.