1918/7-D Buffalo Nickel, VF Details PCGS, Great Key Overdate!

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1918/7-D Buffalo Nickel, VF Details PCGS, Great Key Overdate! PCGS thinks that a spot has been removed on this coin. While it does have some minor surface problems, it is far finer than most seen in the marketplace, usually in Good or Very Good condition where the overdate is virtually indecipherable. (Note that the slightly backward-tilting mintmark is also a diagnostic and a helpful counterfeit authenticator!) This piece offers VF30 Details, in our opinion, and poses a great opportunity to fill that slot in your set that has gone empty for so long. A straight-graded VF30 would be a $5,000 coin, give or take, and this one is so close! Note that this is a coin where the PCGS Trueview does it no justice, as the actual coin is nicer than the Trueview. Our own shots are more true-to-life.

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