1921 Peace Dollar, MS63 PCGS CAC, VAM-1H, Struck From Satin-Finish Proof Dies

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1921 Peace Dollar, MS63 PCGS CAC, VAM-1H, Struck From Satin-Finish Proof Dies. An Elite 30 Variety. Any Mint State 1921 Peace dollar is a hot commodity these days due to its status as a key date, the high-relief design, and as a hangover from the popular Mint reissues of Morgan and Peace dollars in 2021.

This piece is even more stunning, as it is a business strike produced from the same dies used to strike the very rare Satin Finish proof Peace dollars of 1921. Roger Burdette’s handy Peace dollar Guide Book (2008, Chapter 8, “Proofs, Patterns, and Trial Pieces”) lays out the diagnostics thusly: “Satin Proofs show multiple die scratches and whorls not evident on sandblasted specimens. The same dies were also used to strike circulation pieces and examples include identical die scratches.” The VAMWorld.com website describes the die polishing lines in greater detail, including: Obverse: “Fine polishing lines around OD WE, across neck and left and right fields. Numerous tight elliptical polishing lines below jaw and just below bottom of hair bun.” Reverse: “Fine polishing lines above and below ONE, around eagle’s feet, thru S OF AM and below last A in AMERICA.” The excellent, true-to-life PCGS Trueview shows many of these features to good advantage.

This piece is only lightly gold-toned, enabling the extensive die-polishing lines to appear boldly on the obverse above and below IN GOD, and behind the head between the hair bun and bottom curl, and on the reverse most prominently through S OF AM and above ONE. PCGS Population (as VAM-1H): 18 in 63, 28 finer. The CAC Price Guide for regular 1921 Peace dollars is currently $1,280 (9/2022). This amazing and historic coin is one you are not likely to encounter again soon.

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