1922-D Cent Semikey Issue, MS64BN PCGS ‘Black Cherry’ Blazer!

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1922-D Cent Semikey Issue, MS64BN PCGS ‘Black Cherry’ Blazer! An extremely sharp strike on the obverse, excellent luster, and wonderful black cherry surfaces characterize this near-Gem Brown 1922-D cent. A couple of tiny obverse flecks and a bit of chatter at the upper reverse are likely all that separate this piece from a full Gem grade (and a $1,000 price tag, given the popularity of Brown Lincolns recently).

The 1922-D is a favorite Lincoln cent date, with three die pairs known for the issue. One (the Strong Reverse dies, Die Pair 2, as here) eventually produced the 1922 No D cents, while the other Die Pairs 1 and 3 produced alternatively 1922 No D and 1922 Weak D cents but with Weak Reverse as well and other distinguishing characteristics. This lovely cent boasts a strong strike throughout and no trace of weakness on the crucial D mintmark.

No nickels, dimes, quarters, or half dollars were struck at the United States’ three operating mints in 1922: Only silver dollars were, at all three operating mints. Only Denver struck the cents in 1922. The United States’ minor coinage total for 1922 was the lowest since 1877—another crucial year for cent collectors.
Ex: JGD Collection of Toned Lincoln, Wheat Reverse Cents.

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