1924-D Lincoln Cent MS64BN PCGS, Ex: ‘Abe’s Coloring Book’

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1924-D Lincoln Cent MS64BN PCGS, Ex: ‘Abe’s Coloring Book’. Pale blush rose and a sharp strike (save for a couple of letters at the upper reverse) characterize this better-date Lincoln cent. This example unfortunately has a few small areas of verdigris visible in the large Trueview. While they are scarcely visible at real size, I know they would bother us. We’re gonna be getting rid of this one as soon as we find an acceptable replacement for this elusive issue. PCGS Population: 97 in 64BN, 20 finer (10/2019).

Fun Fact: Every 1924-D cent this writer has handled (many, in all grades) shows rotation of about 15 degrees from normal coin turn between the obverse and reverse dies.

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