1929-D Cent MS66BN PCGS, Pop 1/0 Extreme Condition-Color Rarity, Ex: ‘Abe’s Coloring Book’

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1929-D Cent MS66BN PCGS, Pop 1/0, Ex: ‘Abe’s Coloring Book’. The relative abundance of 1929-D and 1929-S cents in MS64RD and MS65RD at PCGS (several hundred of each) belies the fact that they are extremely difficult to find with good color, especially in the Brown designation and high grade. As of today (10/27/2019), PCGS reports 217 submissions of the 1929-D in MS65RD (including eight MS65+), versus only 29 in 65RB and 13 in 65BN. Those stats should serve to reinforce how conditonally rare this Premium Gem Brown 1929-D is. Subtle color, yes, but problem-free and well-struck. A real prize, and another coin from the Abe’s Coloring Book former #1 Toned Lincolns Registry Set that we were (and are) truly glad to obtain. PCGS Population: 1 in 66BN, 0 finer (10/2019). There are 36 in MS66RD at PCGS, including four MS66+RD, and there are four submissions in MS66RB.