1934-D Cent Gorgeous MS66RB PCGS, Seldom Seen Finer

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1934-D Cent Gorgeous MS66RB PCGS, Seldom Seen Finer. The 1932-D and 1934-D Lincoln cent issues are two of our favorite Denver Mint issues from the mid-1930s because of their idiosyncratic digits shapes and placements. The 1932-D uses a Small 3 punch that leans fowards while the neighboring 2 leans backwards; the 1934-PD issues use a Long 3 digit style that would not reappear until the 1943 steel cents. This Premium Gem Red and Brown 1934-D offers gorgeous coloration in honey-gold and orange shades on the obverse and some tinges of green on the reverse, along with near-top-pop status; only two are finer in Red and Brown currently at PCGS (6/2021).

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