1941 Lincoln Cent, Pretty ‘Jade Amber’ MS64BN PCGS, Ex: ‘Abe’s Coloring Book’



1941 Lincoln Cent MS64BN PCGS, Pop 9/8, Ex: ‘Abe’s Coloring Book’. Even though we love the color on this piece—predominantly jade, amber-gold, and fuchsia, very pretty—it is a little spotty: brown spots, not carbon. But we also have an MS65BN that we also like. So even though we bought this one from the Abe’s Coloring Book owner, we are letting it go. This coin is certified in a retro green-label PCGS 30th Anniversary holder, if that makes a difference to you. PCGS Population: 9 in 64 BN, 8 finer (10/2019).

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