1956-D Lincoln Cent, MS66RD PCGS—CAC?!

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1956-D Lincoln Cent, MS66RD PCGS—CAC?! I mean, who does this? Calling the 1956-D Lincoln cent—mintage 1.098 billion coins—”common” in this grade is being generous to a fault. So someone sends it in to CAC? Well, he’s not alone … wait for it … PCGS Population: 2,470 in 66 (98 in 66+) RD, 106 finer. CAC Population: 38 in 66RD, 21 finer (2/2022).

I confess, we bought this as a lark. We just couldn’t believe it. But I guess if you’re doing a PCGS CAC Registry Set, this would be a coin you might need. Anyway … here it is. You’re a big boy, it’s your money, and your momma didn’t give you to me to raise.