1964 Business Strike Kennedy Half MS67 PCGS Toned Beauty

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1964 Business Strike Kennedy Half MS67 PCGS Toned Beauty. Unusual toning and die characteristics on this neat coin, a mix of gorgeous lilac and hazel patina on both sides with superb luster. The die probably had some filling in the crevices from metal-grease shavings around the 4 in the date and the ST of TRUST, producing an advanced die state that you see more often on Capped Bust halves than Kennedys. Some other peripheral areas show a similar effect. The coin, however, is quite well-struck. This increases the appeal and does not affect the grade. The surfaces are pristine and virtually contact-free.

I think someday, someone will likely make an MS68 of this date, unless high silver prices ensure that they are all melted beforehand! (There is one 1964-D wonder coin in MS68 PCGS.)