About VDB Coins

"Life is too short to buy ugly coins."

Who We Are
Numismatist George Huber sold his first coins at age 12. George was always a dealer and collector; he began searching rolls and filling blue Whitman folders with Lincoln cents around 1961. He remembers going to the bank with his Dad and buying beautiful, shiny Morgan silver dollars for face value in 1962. Thus began his lifetime love of numismatics. He was a collector and vestpocket dealer for decades. He began operating under the VDB Coins name in 2004 and launched VDBCoins.com in 2009. George retired from a long career in marketing and communications and is now a full-time numismatic professional with more than 50 years' experience. We sell only via the Web, through our personal contacts, and the occasional show. We have no brick and mortar shop, which helps keep prices down. All coins are kept in bank vaults.

Expect every coin you purchase from us to have strong eye appeal and be solid for the grade, based on our own experience rather than CAC or any other outside entity. Collectors know to come to us for beautifully toned, original coins (especially; but we also offer many brilliant coins) of exceptional quality, and when we do a show, our booth is among the first stops many dealers and collectors make. We are open to reasonable offers on any coin.

Business Philosophy
We have built our business slowly, focusing on top-notch customer service and honesty, integrity, and responsiveness. We offer high-quality, one-of-a-kind collector coins and personal, no-hassle service. Eye appeal is always our foremost consideration when buying. We appreciate your interest in our business and our coins. Please look around and buy! Much of our business is repeat business, and to our knowledge we have never had an unhappy client. We want to keep it that way.

Business Focus
We specialize in the series we love. Lincoln cents, Kennedy halves, Canadian and British Empire coins are among them, but we offer a wide range of collector coins, including:

  • Certified and Raw Coins
  • PCGS and NGC Registry Set Coins
  • U.S., British Empire, and Canadian Type Coins
  • Cents and Half Dollars Are Specialties
  • Canadian, British, and Australian Coins and Medals
  • Gold Sovereigns and European Silver Crowns

Registry Sets
We have several PCGS and NGC Registry Sets. PCGS members can see them under "VDBCoins.com" and our NGC sets are under "Mr. Lincoln." Our two DISPLAY Store Categories show our Registry Set Kennedy halves and our client's Finest Known 1964 SMS Set. Those coins are NOT FOR SALE. Everything not in a DISPLAY category is for sale. The great photos are from Todd Pollock of BluCC Photos. (The more mundane photos are by us; we do what we can.) Please do not copy the photos unless you buy the coin first! Several of our Kennedy half sets are in the Top All-Time Finest; we'd be proud for you to take a look, either here or on the PCGS and NGC sites. In 2015 and again in 2016 we were honored to win the PCGS Best Modern Set award for our Kennedy Half Dollar Complete Variety Set, Circulation Strikes (1964-present), the #1-rated set and 100% complete. We are always interested in "top-pop" Kennedy halves, as well as Lincoln cents, 1964 Specimen/Special Mint Set coinage, rare British sovereigns and Canadian coins, and other things. Check our Want List on the Home Page for more.

Memberships and Affiliations
George Huber is a member (since 2003) of the American Numismatic Association (#BR-1207973) and abides by its stringent code of ethics. We believe "our word is our bond." We are also members of PCGS, NGC, Blue Ridge Numismatic Association (BRNA), Liberty Seated Collectors Club, and the Society of Lincoln Cent Collectors (SLCC). VDB Coins is a Registered Business in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


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