Paying with PayPal

1. These instructions guide customers step by step through the process of ordering and paying for your coins, but the site is very intuitive and most buyers will not need any assistance. First, find the coin that you want and Add the product to your cart by clicking the "Add to Cart" button.

Add to Cart example


2. After adding the product to your cart, you will be taken to a review page to either "Continue Shopping" or "Checkout." Feel free to continue shopping and add more items to your cart. You will be taken back to this screen with an updated cart after adding each item. For this example, we will continue to "Checkout" with this order.

Continue or Checkout


3. On this page you will be asked to either log in with an existing account or register with a new account. If you select a new account, you will be required to fill in the standard shipping and billing information. In this example, we are going to log in as an existing customer.



4. After you are logged in or have created a new account, you will be taken to the "Checkout" system. This system will guide you through the checkout process. The first step is to confirm or change your shipping information. Here you can update your address or add an alternate shipping address. Once your shipping and billing information is correct, click the Next button to go to the next step.

If at any time you want to return to this screen, simply click the "Shipping Address" text just below the shopping cart and you will return to this page.

Step 1 - Shipping and Billing Information


5. Next our standard shipping rates are displayed. For more information on our shipping policies, click here. After you review them, click the Next button to proceed.

Step 2 - Select how you want the product shipped


6. On this screen, choose how you want to pay for your items. Four options are listed at the bottom: Money Order, Check, Google Checkout and PayPal. For more information on these options, click here. For this example we will choose PayPal and click Next to proceed.

Step 3 - Choose a Payment method


7. The next step is to confirm all of your previous information entered. Please check the total carefully. You will see that the insured shipping fee has been added as well as tax, if you live in Virginia. Make sure that the Shipping Address, Shipping Rate, and Payment Method are correct. Feel free to leave a note for the order, check that you agree to the Terms of Sale, and click Confirm Order to proceed to your chosen payment method.

Note: If you see anything you want to change, simply click the text under the shopping cart of the area you would like to change and it will take you back to that section.

Note2: If you select Check or Money Order, this is the last screen. The next screen will simply be a Purchase Order. Print that Purchase Order and mail it with your payment.

Confirm Order



8. If you are paying by PayPal, confirming your order will take you to a Secure PayPal Website to process your transaction. If you do not have a Paypal Account you can select the "Continue" link to pay by credit card. Otherwise, log in to PayPal to process your transaction.

Login to PayPal


9. After you finish logging in or entering all credit card information you will need to confirm the payment in the PayPal system. After confirming the payment you will receive a transaction ID. You will have some other options on PayPal, but there will be a button to "Return to Merchant." After you click on the link to return, you will be prompted with a warning that you are going to an unsecured site. Click OK to continue and return to

That's it! Congratulations, you've completed your purchase! You will also have received emails from PayPal as well as VDB Coins for receipts and invoices.

If you have any questions on this process, please don't hesitate to Contact Us for help.


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