Gold Type, Key Dates Active at GNA Show, April 2023

Active Gold Market. We just returned from the finely produced and organized Georgia Numismatic Association show, always an enjoyable time at the Dalton Convention Center in Dalton, Georgia, and an excellent chance to put our finger once again on the pulse of the marketplace. It was an interesting time as gold had recently (and once again) crossed over the magical $2,000/ounce threshold. Some dealers and collectors apparently didn’t know how to react to that. One dealer actually grabbed back a box of gold coins that his employee had handed to me, saying he “wanted to see where gold was going to settle out at.” What, you’re going to lose a sale over three bucks? Sorta rude, dude. Despite that tiny sour note, we both bought and sold quite a few nice gold pieces—especially CAC gold—all the way from tenth-ounce coins to eagles, and including a great 1932 Indian Head eagle that we bought in MS65 PCGS with CAC sticker.

Intense Key Date Demand. We noticed unusually high demand for key dates—Three-Legged Buffaloes, 1932-D and -S quarters, 1921-PDS Walking Liberty halves, 1916-D Mercury dime—which moved briskly when priced right, as well. We brought some of our nicest Brown-certified early Lincoln cent key dates to the show as trade material on the off chance that we might find a nicer one, but it was just impossible to upgrade those, despite there being more than 300 dealers at about 400 tables at this large regional show. There seemed to be little interest in buying silver at around $25/ounce for 90%. With our continual focus on (mostly) toned type and high-grade coins, we made several attractive purchases of some stunning coins.

Old and New Friends! On a personal level, we enjoyed seeing some of our homeboy dealer and collector friends again and enjoyed some pleasant food, conversation, and deals with several new dealer friends. The younger generation of numismatists gives us assurance that the fate of numismatics is in good hands. Here’s a special shout-out to our young friend Josh Black, who along with his brother Caleb were helpful and responsive show pages throughout. Josh was extremely helpful to us during setup and teardown, and he also mounted a nice, extremely professional (and award-winning) exhibit on Carson City Morgan dollars and the great GSA sales distributing them.

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