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Thank you for visiting VDB Coins at VDBCoins.com! We appreciate the support of our visitors and customers! We are collectors first and dealers second. Our company motto:

Life Is Too Short To Buy Ugly Coins”

VDB Coins only sells coins we would be proud to own for our collections. We always offer Fast and Free Insured Shipping Over $99! Orders below $100 are $4 for shipping—and still fast! U.S. orders only. You can pay instantly with regular PayPal or via check to our P.O. Box.

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August 5, 2021. Ever anachronistic, we have just finished listing a big new group of Conder tokens and Hard Times and Civil War tokens and medals. Thank you for visiting our site, where we only sell coins we would like to own ourselves! Check out our recent selection of Newps with more to come! Quite a few coins are coming back with new CAC Green Beans!

We are exciting and looking forward to the prospect of doing live trade shows again! Please check our Trade Show Calendar and plan to come see us live!
We have started posting a few hopefully interesting videos related to collecting and numismatic history on our Instagram site. And we posted a new blog entry about an 1856 Mint Set here under Smaug Says. So we hope you will check those out as well!

The coin market has been very brisk, with real live coin shows being announced (check our Trade Show Calendar), the impending release of 2021-dated Morgan and Peace dollars, and lots of folks looking for key dates in many series as well as 1921-dated Morgans and Peace. We have sold two gorgeous high-grade 1921 Peace dollars just in the last week!

We trust you are enjoying looking around the website, designed and hosted by Interfanatic. Select Browse Our Coins to see all coins in stock (and more categories than will fit on the home page). Thank you for your support!
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