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April 6, 2020. Stay Home. Stop the Spread. Save Lives.

OK, It’s Time To Speak Out. I’m tired of not doing so. We are, for the time being, publishing our daily updates and opinions on the Covid-19 crisis. It is time for concerned Americans (and that should be all of us) to start speaking out against the lies and disinformation being spewed around Washington (and, thank God, to disseminate some of the truth about the seriousness of the pandemic starting to emerge). You can see our blog posts under Smaug Says. Your mileage may vary, and I get that, and I respect it. If there is one good thing about this horrible scourge, it’s that it may remind us that we are not merely D nor R when it really counts. We are all H, and We Are All In This Together. Pray for one another, help your neighbor, call a friend or an elderly person and check on them. Be nice!

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We’re offering for sale a few nicely toned Lincoln Wheat cents from the WingedLiberty1957 and Abe’s Coloring Book Toned Lincolns Registry Sets—both recently retired sets—as we go through and pick out the duplicates to part with. We’ve sold several already. Don’t dawdle if you want one!

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New Coins – Check Back Often

We have purchased a large group of wonderful toned Lincoln cents formerly in the Abe’s Coloring Book #1 and WingedLiberty1957 #3 Toned Lincoln Cents PCGS Registry Sets, both recently retired. These coins are one-of-a-kind, and they draw eyeballs like moths to a flame. Some will be sold, and some we will keep for a while. As Collectors, we are not compelled to sell them in a hurry, if at all. We are putting them in their own category listings (unpriced and not for sale) as time permits, where everyone can enjoy looking at these fantastic coins. Yes, we will sell them—one day. I think I speak for many collectors when I wish their former owners long life, good health, and our great gratitude for assembling world-class collections of Lincolns.

We’ve listed a lot of new coins, including Lincoln and Indian cents, a bunch of great British Conder tokens, British type coins, and some British and Betts medals. We trust you are enjoying looking around the spiffy new website designed by Interfanatic. Let us know how you like the new site (or what you don’t like)! Select Browse Our Coins to see all coins in stock (and more categories than will fit on the home page). Note to Existing Customers: Your contact information is intact (we imported all the customer data) but you may have to change your password. Thank you for your continued support! We appreciate your business.

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