1946-S Roosevelt Dime MS66FB PCGS ‘Groovy Blues’

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1946-S Roosevelt Dime MS66FB PCGS ‘Groovy Blues’. A nice first-year-of-type example from the San Francisco Mint. Both the vertical and horizontal bands are well-defined but there is a small nick through the upper horizontal pair. Wonderful color and great luster throughout more than compensate. This coin’s reverse is so pretty that PCGS mounted it reverse-side-up in the holder.

Historical Information: After President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s unfortunate demise in 1945—an untimely event, given that the end of World War II was finally in sight, but not entirely unexpected since his health had been declining for years—the introduction of the dime denomination for Roosevelt’s portrait in 1946 was the only logical choice. President Roosevelt had suffered from paralysis of his lower body for many years and founded the organization later named the March of Dimes to help victims of the disease.

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