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For Unto Us a Child Is Born! Merry Christmas!

December 19, 2013. I am all for respecting anyone else's beliefs. But I want mine respected, too. I am weary of the constant political correctness.

This is the time of year when Christians celebrate the birth of Christ the Savior. To all our customers, I wish you a Merry Christmas. If you are Jewish, I wish you Happy Hanukkah! The celebrations of Thanksgiving and Christmas (and indeed every day throughout the year) should be a time to thank God for our material bounty at the harvest time and the spiritual bounty of salvation through Christ. Give of yourself materially and spiritually at this time of year, as much as you are able.

And Merry Christmas to All!

Don't Forget What Is Important

August 30, 2013. We were all dressed up and ready to go. We had bought a ton of new, nice inventory, we had cleaned our cases, arranged for Tiger cat to be boarded at the vet, even put new signs in our cases with our Table Number and VDB Coins logo. Then our A-fib got worse in pretty short order, and we started having worsening graying-out (and even a couple of passing out) spells. The doctors call it syncope. On Tuesday Aug. 13 we were at the cardiologist, who sent us directly to the electrophysiologist, who told us that our choices were a cardiac ablation or a pacemaker to prevent the heart from misfiring. (You can look it up.) On Thursday, one week before the show, we were on the operating table. Needless to say, we missed the Dalton-BRNA show on Aug. 22-25. I was directed not to drive for a few days, not to lift 10 pounds for a week. Fortunately, I am feeling great now, and so far my heart is back in normal sinus rhythm.

Here's the deal. I really enjoy having coins, talking about coins, sharing coins, finding nice coins for my customers, doing a show once in a while to see old friends, meet nice new folks, and view other people's prizes. But early in the morning, before leaving for the procedure at the hospital, I thought to myself, "What is most important at this moment, just in case this is my last day?" It was not the coins. Not by a country mile. I said a prayer to God to keep me in His loving hands. I wrote a little note to Mrs. VDB; its contents will remain private. But it is God, your loved ones, and your health that are most important. You need to love yourself as much as you love the folks around you, and you need to love them just as much and just as fiercely as God loves you.

Coins are nice. But your loved ones and your faith are your treasures. Lose some weight and some bad habits. Kiss those you love, hug them, and tell them today, and every day, how much you love them. As for God, I believe that some of the medical professionals I have met recently are His Angels on this earth. So. Don't forget what is important. God Bless You today as you read this.

But I still think Tiger cat arranged this whole thing so he wouldn't have to go to the vet.


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