Terms of Sale

Please call us at 276-494-3260 (8 am–5 pm ET) if you have any problems or questions about placing your order.

By purchasing any items from our site, you automatically consent to these Terms of Sale, to the Payment and Shipping Terms, to the Return Policy, and to the Privacy Policy. We offer a seven-day, no-hassle refund on any certified coins or notes, provided they are returned "as is"; no return on raw coins or bullion-related items. Thank you for your business.

We are a Registered Business in Virginia. All orders to Virginia addresses (wth some exceptions below) must add 5.3% Virginia sales tax. This is done automatically at Checkout. Send us within 10 days of purchase your valid Virginia Resale Certificate for a refund of your sales tax. We reserve the right to cancel any order for any reason. We reserve the right to modify these Terms of Sale as needed, with no prior notice.

Orders placed from Virginia addresses under $1,000 are subject to 5.3% Virginia sales tax, unless you provide us a valid Resale Certificate (i.e. are a dealer buying coins for resale). Virginia orders over $1,000 are exempt from sales tax. Even though our website is not smart enough for all those ifs and buts, we will refund your sales tax whenever appropriate.


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